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- Zane's First Birthday

- Christmas in Georgia (2003)


Christmas In Georgia (2003)

This year we went down to Georgia for Christmas. We had a blast, especially me, since I hadn't been back in about 5 years.

Each of the pictures here are available in about 800x600 (big) and about 1024x768 (bigger). If you would like a custom size, or larger, let me know. That is of course if we know you. If not, your SOL.

Unfortunatly, one of the memory cards in my camera broke, while still inside the camera, and we lost a slew of pictures, so some of the pickins were slim. I don't have pictures of everyone, so I only posted the ones I do have.


Of course, we still take a great deal of pictures of Zane, so here are a few of him.


He is of course wearing a Boonie hat. Here it is in 800X?? and 1024x??


Here is Zane on a Candy Cane overdose. 800X?? and 1024x??


Here is the Gaggle of Kids opening presents. 800X?? and 1024x??


Here is Trish's Grandparents, our Neices, and us. 800X?? and 1024x??


Here is Granny Hand reading a book to Zane. 800X?? and 1024x??


Here is Jackie and Billy, sorry guys, that was the best picture I had. Wait until you see Andrea's Pictures, you won't feel so bad. 800X?? and 1024x??


Here is Zane messing around with a T-Shirt. 800X?? and 1024x??


Here is Trish's Dad with Zane. 800X?? and 1024x??


Here is Zane just looking cute. 800X?? and 1024x??

Here is the Moment you have been waiting for. The story is that I was trying to take a picture of Andrea on Christmas, and every one caught her in a bad pose. Trish told Andrea that she was going to delete the pictures, but what can I say, I am the keeper of all things digital and the protector of data.

(Scroll Down) Remember Andrea, we all Love you......









800X?? and 1024x??

(keep scrolling) Oh wait, it gets better .....













800X?? and 1024x??

I guess she didn't like that present.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all good luck with their cameras memory cards! Ho-Ho-Ho.

If anyone is really offended, ask me, and I (maybe) will take the pics down.

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